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Petition with More than 70,000 signatures request to change the date of Halloween

Petition with More than 70,000 signatures request to change the date of Halloween

Event Outfit idea 5 Comments 799 Views Thu, 14 Oct 2021

Firstly I would like to introduce myself, I’m William Adamsthe content writer serving in this field for past years. Interested in doing research in several different fashions and styles or the upcoming traditional activities. As everyone knows about Halloween, the traditional event celebrated every year on the last days of October depends on what day of the week is. Now the discussion about Halloween Costumes 2021 is that they need more signatures for the upcoming events. The initial target was 70,000 signatures but they would try to gain more signatures that’s why they want to extend the date. According to my point of view, it is not necessary to change the date because it doesn’t make any sense to increase more signatures.

This event is scheduled on Thursday at the end of October so this event is basically for kids so the parents are busy with their duties on that day so they have to reach home early to take their kid's Halloween Costumes 2022 outfits ready for the event in the evening. So different conditions can affect them like they spend the night eating lots of sweets stuff or go back home early for sleep to prepare their kids for school and for their duties. To overcome these issues, they want to extend the event towards Saturday so that we can enjoy it in relax mode because you don’t have any workday or school on the next day.

Some people don’t have kids so they don’t care regarding the extension of the event date. But celebrate the event on the exact date just feeling better. Another event known as Grandma celebrate on 22nd of December to spend sometime around trees but different from Christmas day with the St. Patty’s Day on the coming weekend. Normally we prefer to celebrate any events on the weekend as Halloween also makes an impact on the audience for the lover of this party.

The Halloween and Costume Association (HCA) depicts itself as the "transcendent expert on Halloween" and says it "fills in as a non-benefit voice of the business," on its site. It was joined in 2005 and was recently known as the Halloween Industry Association. And keeping in mind that Halloween may be a carefree occasion, the Halloween business is serious stuff—a year ago, Americans burned through $9 billion commending the event, as per the National Retail Federation. The HCA speaks to the whole Halloween industry and produces industry occasions like the International Halloween Show and the Halloween and Party Expo. Its statement of purpose is apparently to advance and develop the protected festival of Halloween and all-year costumed occasions all through North America.

A huge number of audiences have asked for an appeal asking President Donald Trump to move Halloween from October 31st to the last Saturday in October, so as to make it simpler for both guardians and children. It records other security and safety tips for Halloween party, and urges responsible adult people to "talk about wellbeing, pre-plan a course, remain on walkways and use crosswalks," and "make sure to consolidate intelligent tape, gleam sticks, finger lights or light up extras."

All in all, what do you think? Should Halloween be changed? I surmise we'll have to hold up until October to discover.

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  1. William Adam yes I always read your informative article, this is also informative content, I think it's not possible to change the Halloween date.


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