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Privacy and Confidentiality

The privacy of this site describes the measures we use to protect your personal data that you provide us. Additionally, this privacy policy also describes the options regarding utilization, analysis, collection, and disclosure of your personal data.

We reserve the right to change and modify our policy may it be associated with service, customer, material direct marketing and business partnerships. We advise you to regularly check our privacy policy for new updates and modifications.

Your privacy and data protection is our major concern. Therefore, we will only use your provided personal information according to the actions described in this privacy policy.



MJacket only collects necessary information when you decide to share this with us. The information you need to provide us is when you participate in a contest, make a transaction or opt-in for a newsletter. MJacket may collect information including your name, physical address, email address, city, state, country, contact number, username and password.

We may require other information for certain transactions and queries. Mjacket never stores and save your financial details. Instead, we will refer you to online payment service providers.

If You want to take part in our giveaways and latest promotions, you may need to share your personal information as per the official rules of the site and we may disclose your name, email, and physical address with our staff members, co-sponsored, and those who are running the promotions. 



We can give you the option of linking your social media profile to our website on a registration basis. Please be aware this information is not limited to your name, contact, and location, etc.



Corporate staff:

Our reliable staff members handle the process, and respond to every customer's query. They manage accounts and control the database to improve your shopping experience. 

Partnered websites:

this site also partnered with many e-commerce and marketing blogs who help us to boost our website. 

Courier service providers: 

We may pass your details including your name, phone number, address to our trusted and most reliable delivery agents to deliver the product to you.

Legal Purpose:

we may disclose your personal information in case of inquiries and requests from the government for legal purposes.

Targeted Advertising:

We are linked to some websites and advertisements, which can take you to other sites. Please note that we are not responsible for the privacy practices employed by any external site. 



We utilize your personal information only that you agreed to share with us for the following purposes.

Process checkouts:

We will use your personal information to process orders that you provide to an administrator with payments and accounts details. 

Child Age of 13 or below:

our system will not store data if the user is aged under 13. We will delete it as soon as possible. 

Contact forum:

you can contact us to ask questions related to products, profile management, orders, shipment, and deals.

Cookies may be used to help you to identify you and your device when you open the Mjacket website. 

Maintaining Personal Data:

you reserve the right to delete your account anytime. However, we will store your personal data for legal requirements, maintaining security, prevent fraud, resolve disputes, enforce, terms and conditions and unsubscription.

Script: you can visit our site anonymously. However, we may use scripts to analyze and track a user's activity.



We do not allow any buyer or seller to copy our displayed content which is exclusively produced in our settings. It may lead to serious action to be taken against their domain or the particular person.

We will directly notify Google to remove the domain page from listing. We will send a copyright letter for legal support to take action. These actions may lead to a permanent ban on their domain from the search listing and no longer access to any product in the future.

All visitors are advised to follow this updated policy by Mjacket.