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About MJacket

The collections of jackets and different inspirational celebrities’ outfits can satisfy the needs of a broad range of consumers who want to look stylish and feel comfortable at the same time. Outerwear of our brand is very popular among buyers due to impeccable quality and a wide range of products. Designers at MJacket make sure that men and women, as well as children, are able to choose jackets according to their taste. A rich color scheme, original design solutions, thoughtful details, only the best materials, and fillers - such outerwear certainly please our customers!

The use of new technologies in sewing outerwear and original design solutions make our jackets very popular in the domestic market. We do not only sell to an individual buyer but also sell in wholesale rates to the bulk buyers. Therefore, the purchase of large outerwear in our company means making a profitable financial investment, which will not only bring you profit but also give your customers a real pleasure from a successful purchase.

Since our company is the official representative of the exclusive collection, here you can buy jackets in bulk at the lowest producer prices. In addition, an individual approach to the client is one of the fundamental principles of our business. Therefore, you can always count on favorable offers and additional discounts on the purchase of our finest jackets. The managers of our company will be happy to advise you on any matter of interest and help you make the right choice.

Now a jacket is not only a part of an elegant business suit but also an independent part of the wardrobe – it’s convenient to wear at any time of the year and under any circumstances. This season, at the peak of its popularity, it is the fitted jacket that won the hearts of many famous fashion experts among the audience. The men's fitted jacket always looks stylish, emphasizes the main advantages of being a man, and most importantly, it’s comfortable to wear it. It is also easy to pick up related wardrobe items to it because it does not oblige to wear tight shirts. You can also wear t-shirts with the most extraordinary and bright prints with it.


Why us?

To make models, manufacturers use cotton, linen, velour, velvet, and even leather. For cool weather, tweed and wool jackets are a good choice.Fitted jackets surprise us with their diversity. There are models of business office style, club or sports options, but youth models are considered especially striking.

What to wear with a men's fitted jacket? Let's look at what’s in style these days. To create the perfect look, in combination with a business jacket, it’s worthwhile to choose narrowed trousers, they can also be slightly shortened. To complement such a silhouette is a shirt in bright colors in a cage or strip; it will not be superfluous to have a light pattern. The fitted jacket of a sports cut looks great with jeans, it will look especially stylish with worn blue jeans and a T-shirt. Casual style offers us a youth fitted jacket that can also be worn under jeans.Only in this case it will be more appropriate to wear rich blue or gray jeans.

The youth version of the jacket is usually effectively decorated with patch pockets and inserts in the elbow from other fabrics.For example, it can be velour, suede or leather. If you choose a corduroy blue jacket, then it will make your look the most elegant and even solemn; it is appropriate to wear it with blue jeans or plain trousers. According to the color characteristics, common options, in addition to the good old black, are burgundy, blue and gray jackets this season. A very stylish model is an elongated fitted men's movie jacket with a stand-up collar in dark blue and dark gray colors. For strict business men with a distinctive taste, a three-piece suit in combination with a vest, which can be worn without a jacket, can be worn over a classic shirt.


Our wide variety of classics

In terms of color, the choice is always yours. You should only remember that the jacket and trousers should not merge in color – aplain jacket is in harmony with the trousers in the picture, and a jacket in a cage, strip, or other ornament with plain trousers. There are also options for fitted jackets for men with or without buttons.Thisis also the choice of the owner of this model of a jacket. If you are a supporter of rigor and accuracy, then a single-breasted or double-breasted fitted jacket with buttons will be an actual model for you.If you prefer freedom and like to wear outerwear wide open, then accordingly your choice is an option without buttons.

The fitted jacket should fit well on the figure to avoid unnecessary folds. The fitted jacket emphasizes the male figure in the best way; give the image of elegance, sophistication and gloss.

A man in an adjacent jacket with a good figure will look sexy and attractive in the eyes of the ladies. It is especially beautiful if the blue jacket is complemented by a white shirt and jeans with a black belt. If you have a very thin physique, we recommend skinny trousers with a jacket.

Fitted jackets for men are designed and sewn by the most famous fashion houses in the world and presented in fashion collections for the audience. Every year the fashion improves and surprises us with all new unique models, and in order to choose the most successful option for yourself, you can use the Internet and browse various models of men's fitted jackets in photos and videos from fashion shows of men's collections.

Many colors and styles of men's jackets are available in stores. Our designs highlight the best male characteristics and demonstrate self-confidence. With the immense love and support of our loyal customers over the last several years, we have been able to expand our range in other countries as well.

Our company is steadily growing and now has set foot in the international market, with aim to elevate the brand into truly global service provider. Looking for amazing jackets? Look no further! MJacket are providing wonderful jackets that fit your personality.