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The Most Effective Method to do Peaky Blinders Style

The Most Effective Method to do Peaky Blinders Style

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There are a few certain shows that hugely influence the audience in every aspect be it a great storyline, amazing cast members, or wonderful appearances of TV stars perfected by various stylists. Apart from the amazing acting skills of their favorite characters, there is no doubt that people get attracted to a lot of styles and fashion inspirations as well.

Who Are Peaky Blinders?

Peaky Blinders were the urban youth gang of the 19th century based in the UK. They were active from the 1890s to the early 20th century, after the First World War This street gang was created after the harsh economic distress among the working class Britishers and had a huge number of young unemployed men in the group. The members of this gang used to derive strong social power with the robbery gangs who created violence and political influence in the town. Along with that, they had control over the gambling industry as well. The economic hardships faced by the people of England led their youth to a violent and cruel path. The ages of the men of these poor people who formed the gang were from 12 to 30. They frequently robbed and violated the men walking on the streets of Birmingham by beating and stabbing them in cruel ways. The organization of these men turned into a soft hierarchy in the late 1890s. 

One of the most destructive and powerful members of the group was Kevin Mooney is also known as Thomas Gilbert. He initiated many fights and challenges of the land grabs undertaken by the members of his gang. These violent members of the gang started calling themselves ‘Peaky Blinders’ who lived in Small Heath. The gang influenced generations for a long time. They had organized meetings and arrangements that used to occur in town among their own systems of hierarchy. The members of this gang had signature stylish peaky blinders suit and outfits that include tailored leather jackets, lapel styled overcoats, waistcoats with buttons, silk scarves, leather boots along with bell-bottom trousers and peaked flat caps. 
The Peaky Blinders group had the dominance that they gained from beating their rivals called ‘Sloggers’. The young group of unemployed men fought for their territory in Birmingham and its neighboring vicinities. They had firm control for more than eighteen years until 1910 when another group named Birmingham Boys defeated them in power. 

The Peaky Blinders TV Series

Gradually, the group Peaky Blinders disappeared after its strong control for over 20 years. However, the name ‘Peaky Blinders’ stayed and became a slang synonym for street gangs of Birmingham. Later in 2013, BBC Television introduced a series inspired by the street gang with a similar name. 

TV Show Peaky Blinders Arthur Shelby Black Coat

There’s certainly so much to say about style inspirations from this British television series named Peaky Blinders. As mentioned above, the series showed an exceptional collection of Peaky Blinder costumes throughout all its episodes.  It became a popular crime TV series that was written and created by Steven Knight and was launched on BBC Two in September 2013. The complete series shoot took place in Birmingham, England which follows the scenario of a crime family of Shelby and the aftermath it went through after World War 1. The band is a fictional one that is based on the real street gang ‘Peaky Blinders’. 

Movies and Tv series jackets not only become a super hit because of the main lead, but several other things play a significant role, including its excellent music composition, thrilling plot, and plenty of sophisticated style inspiration.

An incredible actor named Cillian Murphy played the role of Tommy Shelby, who was also the gang leader along with Helen McCrory, who was Elizabeth Polly Gray and played the role of Tommy’s aunt. Paul Anderson was Arthur Shelby as the elder brother of Tommy, who served the gang by being the second most senior member. The Peaky Blinders television series also won at the BAFTA TV Awards in May 2018. The award made Steven Knight, the writer of the series, so happy that he confirmed that he’ll make this a story where a family goes through two wars. After the conclusion of the four series, they affirmed making the other three series soon, seven in total. He aims to complete the story by ending it where the first air raid siren of Birmingham will take place. The fifth series and last until now was premiered on BBC One in August 2019 till September 2019.

Peaky Blinders Style:
Although the Peaky Blinders gang was cruel and uncompassionate who performed horrific activities, there’s certainly one important thing to admire about them. They came up with excellent and interesting style inspirations for forever. All the amazing fashion of lapel styled jackets and overcoats to all the warm and lacy leather jackets with buttoned waistcoats was originally introduced by the 1920s street group Peaky Blinders. They featured a fantastic array of 90s gangster looks.
In addition to that, they have influenced young men and women so much that now Peaky Blinders Women Coats as well as are also so much in trend. Along with that, the main lead of the series used to wear a coat which is also available in so many online stores with the name Cillian Murphy Black Coat.

The Coats:

Long, lapelled and heavy coats are always fashionable which gives an individual’s personality a graceful look. Coats are a perfect choice for winters. The wonderful black coat that Cillian Murphy wore was made up of pure cotton fabric which was extremely comfortable. It consisted of full-length sleeves which are a definite need of winters. Along with that, the front style buttoned closure is in fashion and is highly modish. 

Famous TV Series Peaky Blinders Thomas Shelby Coat

“The longer coats in the television series were used to give the high noon feeling”, described Stephanie, one of the stylists on the set of the series. “The flap and lapelled styled coats were used for the same reason as they gave an exciting feeling as the wind passed through them.” Moreover, another outfit that was portrayed in the movie is called Michael Gray Coat Outfit which consisted of the warm wool fabric along with a lapel style collar which gives an extremely elegant effect. This coat also had long-length as well as full-length sleeves with open hem cuffs and multiple pockets. Both the coats had a comfortable viscose lining on the inside of them.

Furthermore, the series also depicted high-class long-length women’s coats. Inspiring young women and girls with a great fashion sense, this coat was made up of cotton fabric to provide warmth and comfort. The coat was worn by Natasha O’Keefe in Peaky Blinders. Along with that, it consisted of an extremely stylish front buttoned closure that adds beauty to the wearers’ look. In addition to that, it contains internal pockets as well as external pockets to carry the essential belongings. The coat had a shiny beige color which added additional grace to the personality of the character. 

The Suits:

Peaky Blinders definitely had a unique and bold fashion choice that represented the criminals of the 90s era. The monochromic palette highly represented and showed the ostentatious personality of Tommy Shelby and all the members of his gang. They appeared classic and unique wherever they went with their timeless gentlemen look. Along with lapel styled, long-length coats, they also wore stylish and perfectly tailored suits that are still in trend in today’s era.  

The main lead of the Peaky Blinders series named Tommy Shelby wore a monochrome uniform based three-piece suit along with his brothers and his crew. They had Oxford laced boots, newsboy caps along with a detachable collar shirt, and heavy and long overcoats. The detachable collars were expensive in previous times. The three-piece suits clearly define their graceful style with high-class collars and coats added to it. They supposedly used to wear nicer and dark colors except for shiny or bright colors. This also represented that the gang was wealthy and high in status. However, the poor people of the community who were also their supporters wore T-shirts and caps to show their attachment and association with the group. Newsboy caps were the symbol of their gang and were deliberately affordable. Moreover, another expensive and different cap was worn by wealthy crew members that included fur style coats and hats as they were rich wears.

The Hair:
Another feature that is most loved by the fans, is the hair. As mentioned above, the gang was a very organized one who puts extra effort into the way they look. Trimming and getting new haircuts was all so popular in the era. They impacted the youth with a twenties-inspired look typified with a short length and trimmed haircuts. 
Moreover, some members of the group like have shaved heads that will be shown behind different styled caps. Most of them like to keep the harshly shaved back and sides as their own unique style, whereas some liked the side parting of the hair. All in all, people love all kinds of styles the Peaky Blinders gang possessed. They had the cruelest acts with the looks of a gentleman.


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