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Nov 10, 2023
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Very comfortable and warm
The Jacket is great. It's hard for someone tall to find a jacket that fits just right. But this one is made for tall guys and fits perfectly. The longer sleeves and overall length make it look good and feel comfortable on taller people.

Nov 09, 2023
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This jacket has been worn many times
Super quick service! I got a jacket for me, and I really like it. I also got jackets for my friend and my husband. They liked theirs too and thought the quality and fit were great.

Nov 08, 2023
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Before you pick a jacket, take a look at this great option!
Awesome price for what you get. The sewing is done well with double stitching. The sleeves might be too tight if you have really strong arms, but they fit me fine.

Nov 06, 2023
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Excellent quality and perfect fit.
I wanted a leather jacket and was happy to find the one I wanted with this style! I bought it and got it in about 3 days. It's really good quality and fits well. I used the size chart and it fits me perfectly. I really like how it looks and feels. I suggest this jacket and where I bought it from. Thanks.

Nov 05, 2023
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Awesome coat for a great deal!
awesome coat for a nice cost

Nov 04, 2023
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A Perfect Fit for Me
It fits me really well. It arrived faster than I thought, and I really like the genuine lamskin and other details of the jacket. The inside lining is made of soft polyester and feels incredibly soft. I feel great when I wear it, and I'm excited to show it off uptown!

Nov 02, 2023
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Very comfortable leather jacket
Wow, my hubby really adores his coat! The leather feels incredibly smooth. It fits him perfectly!

Jun 25, 2020
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get his vest
After viewing Deadpool and this immense Colossus, I was going to get his vest yet I was hanging tight for it to arrive. I requested this item and it's very simple to submit your online request. This Colossus vest was delivered for nothing.